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Jacobson Dawn dtjacobson at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 12:41:41 PST 2002

Nancy Spies wrote:
> Hello to the list.
> Are there any list members who remember a popular
> needlepoint/embroidery
> stitch from the, oh, 70s and 80s called "long
> stitch"?  It was particular
> popular for doing wall hangings, and I believe it
> may have originated in the
> Scandinavian countries.  Is there any chance that
> someone on this list has a
> book or instructions on this technique hidden deep
> in a file or basement?  I
> would be eternally and embarrassingly grateful for
> any help with this.  You
> understand, of course, that in a fit of cleaning
> frenzy many years ago, I
> threw away just such a book.  And of course, I can
> not tell my husband
> because he would spend the rest of our married life
> chortling and saying "I
> told you so!" which would just be so unbearable.
> Thanks!
> Nancy

OK, after doing a bit of "mental dredging," I remember
that bargello was extremely popular during the '70s
and '80s, especially for making pillows. However, I
don't think you can make any real pictures with it.

The only other thing I remember that might be it was
watching a classmate (I actually had a needlework
class in high school! Those were the days.) do an
embroidered picture with very long embroidery
stitches. Thinking about it, I also remember my mom
making crewelwork pillows with long stitches for the
leaves of the poppies on the designs.

If that is it (the embroidery), it might have been
just referred to as "crewel work." I don't remember
any books about it; just lots of kits.

Hope this helps.

Dawn Jacobson/
Maud de Clayton (Adria)

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