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Jacobson Dawn dtjacobson at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 10:22:41 PST 2002

Nancy Spies wrote:

Another question!

I am currently working with PatternMaker to make the
graphs for my
books, but
I would like to find another softward program that
does embroidery
other than
cross stitch like PatternMaker does.

Any recommendations?


I got a copy of Easy Cross from Fulford Software
Solutions in the UK, and I'm completely sold on it. It
has a good selection of embroidery stitches in the
basic program, and there are "modules" that can also
add a quantity of needlepoint stitches, blackwork
stitches, and lace patterns.

It's a bit more than Pattern Maker is, but has lots
more "bells and whistles." Their website is


They have a good demo available that gives you full
access to all the stitches; you simply can't save or
print anything.

Dawn Jacobson/
Maud de Clayton (Adria)

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