[HNW] Is anyone doing needle lace?

janelle.heron@didata.com.au janelle.heron at didata.com.au
Sun Feb 24 04:06:10 PST 2002

>Is anyone on the list doing needle lace?  All I do with needles is sew on
>buttons, and darn the ends into my tatting.

I've been teaching myself to do a spot of needlelace (current project being
some drawnwork for competition at Easter)  I wrote an article on needlelace
for the Australian SCA needleworkers newsletter.  Pictures of my first
attempts can be found at http://www.sca.org.au/broiderers/gallery.htm

I'd be happy to share what I know and I'd love to get more hints from the
other needlelace makers on the list.


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