[HNW] Is anyone doing needle lace?

Leif Drews drewscph at post12.tele.dk
Sun Feb 24 14:21:28 PST 2002

I made a big wall hanging some years ago in needlelace. I got very inspired when i read a book called: Lace by Virginia Churchill Bath. There is a big section of
the book about needlelace, both history and present modern lace and teckniques.
I think it was very good to start in coarse thread, and that size was very suitable for making a decorative wall hanging. I made it in unbleached linen thread. I
stretched some threads out over an old plexiglass i had and started the needleweaving this way.
I got quite hooked in it, but later i got more interrested in bobbin lace.
The hanging got the finishing touch with some stones i found at the beach, wich i needlewove compleatly and they stretch out the whole thing.
I am sure you will be hooked by it two :-)


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