[HNW] Art of the embroiderer.

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I tried ABE books and got 34 responses from sellers all over the globe. One
was from Australia while another the Netherlands and Canada, You should be
able to find one to fit your needs.

mistress Bunny

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There are used copies of that one around, I would try a (used) book search
online first.  All the usual places:  Alibris, ABE Books, Bookfinder.com
etc.  For example, I found this copy listed on ABE from a Holland-based


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I just want to ask you , does anybody know if Amazon.com can supply you
with books they dont have listed on the website?
I was thinking about if they could get me The art of the Embroiderer by
st. Aubin.
Hedgehog has it, but i would save money if i could have it send from
They changed the charges for posting for America after christmas and it
is quite expensive now.



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Bjarne Drews
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