[HNW] Is anyone doing needle lace?

Jacquie Samples jacquie-samples at uiowa.edu
Tue Feb 26 08:34:15 PST 2002

Hi Lynn,
I do some needlelace.  Mostly Reticella and other types of drawn
work.  What is it that your friend wants to know?  I rely heavily on
historical patterns from the 16th and 17th centuries for the work I do.  I
am not in the SCA, as many of the HNW'ers are, but I am interested in
creating "accurate" exemplars.  I don't usually think of it as tedious, but
the set up can be, I suppose.

Let me know if I can be of any help.

Jacquie Samples

At 12:56 PM 2/22/2002, you wrote:
>I have a contact on a tatting list who is looking for 16th century lace to
>do.  She is somewhat interested in needle lace.  (Frankly, I think she has
>no idea what she is getting into!)
>Is anyone on the list doing needle lace?  All I do with needles is sew on
>buttons, and darn the ends into my tatting.
>Lynn Carpenter in SW Michigan, USA
>alwen at i2k.com
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