[HNW] Re: Long Stitch

Diane Sawyer tasha_medvedeva at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 27 08:06:02 PST 2002

--- amreid at qbe.com.au wrote:
> Chris wrote:
> "Didn't the football player Rosie Greer do
> needlepoint? I think he even
> published a book showcasing some of the projects
> he'd done."
> Chris
> And his name was Rosie?  (I'll bet he *had* to
> develop plenty of schoolyard
> survival skills.)  Good on him for doing needlework.
> Andrew
> Sydney, Australia
> (SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari)

Actually, his given name is Roosevelt.  Took me a
minute to find out, because his surname is actually
spelled Grier.  He's HUGE.  Used to play for the New
York Giants; he and track star Rafer Johnson
apprehended Sirhan Sirhan after he shot Bobby Kennedy.

trivia nut

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