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Well congrats Bjarne! You're really because of where you, there should be
more availability due to the history and so forth. I don't know what I'd do
without inter-library loan. The museums, well some are helpful, others....
one wanted $1 dollar for every photo I took of a Oriental embroidery exhibit
they had just because the girl I was talking with said it was a hassle to
let me look at the items than they had in permanent storage. Then they never
could work out a date for me to drive down. It was 4 hours away for me.

Has anyone got sources for a good stomachers?? I'd like to embroider one.

Mistress Bunny

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Dear listmembers.
Sorry for the crossposting!
I just want to tell you about something wonderfull. For those of you who

are interrested in embroidery patterns.
I was at the Museum of Decorative Art today, the library and i was given

permission to examine some very old embroidery pattern books. There was
one, that i want to tell you about, perhaps your library has a copy. It
was patterns drawn by Margarethe Helms in 1720. I tell you they were
drop dead beautifull!!!
There were special patterns for costume, some gloves, hoods,bags,
stomachers etc. even shoes!
I have drawn one of the stomachers, there were patterns for 3
I had the source from a book published by the Museum of Decorative Arts
in Copenhagen. 98 Pattern Books for Embroidery, Lace and Knitting. It
was in this book i found Margarete Helm. Nurnberg: Joh. Christoph
Weigel, u.a. (ca1720)
Oh it is so wonderfull, i have had it compleately..........
Yesterday i was at the costume department at Brede and i was alowed to
photograph some embroidered jackets. I think they had 30 jackets fully
embroidered all over.............
It is my holliday this week, and therefore i had the time for it. When i

was sitting at the library and draw, i was thinking how wonderfull it
will be when i get pensioned.
Then i have all the time in the world to do this!!!



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