[HNW] old embroidery

Leif Drews drewscph at post12.tele.dk
Wed Feb 27 09:01:16 PST 2002

Do you remember i told you about the embroidered gown i saw at Castle
Egeskov last summer? The gown they ment belonged to Marie Antoinette?
Well there was some small tiny guirlandes embroidered on like tiny
strings of pearls, and i couldnt figure out how they were made, because
they were raised from the surface.
Well  now i know.
When i went to the Costume Department of the Danish National Museum
yesterday there was a mans jacket with the same thing. It was
disentigrating and there was small tiny pieces of cardboard falling from
These small cardboard (the size in thickness like two pieces of ordinary
paper i think) was stitched over so that they looks like small pearls.
Fantastic! I surely would have loved to se such a embroidery workshop in
those days. I wonder how speady they were?



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