[HNW] Re: "Real Men" doing needlework

Jacobson Dawn dtjacobson at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 27 15:32:05 PST 2002

Andrew wrote:

And his name was Rosie?  (I'll bet he *had* to develop
plenty of
survival skills.)  Good on him for doing needlework.

"Rosie" was short for Roosevelt. And nobody ever
thought he wasn't tough: he played American football
for the Los Angeles Rams, and was the guy who tackled
Sirhan Sirhan after he shot Robert Kennedy in 1968.

IIRC, the book he did was of his canvaswork designs,
and it came out in either the late 1960s or very early
1970s. I can remember him doing the afternoon talkshow
circuit (my mom watched Mike Douglas and he was on),
and being thrilled that one of my football heros also
liked to do the same kind of needlework I did.

Dawn Jacobson/
Maud de Clayton

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