[HNW] grids

Lenka Suchanek lenka at silverpinstudio.com
Thu Feb 28 11:52:57 PST 2002

Nancy wrote:

>Does anyone have or know where I can find or have =
>suggestions for how I might
>construct a grid of diamonds? I need such a beast for designing a
>edieval Scandinavian pattern and can not for the life of me locate one

Steph Peters of the U.K. offers on her website a free software (Grid
Generator) for making dot grids on various angles. I use these grids
constantly for designing my lace patterns.
Go to http://www.sandbenders.demon.co.uk/bobbinlace/dots.htm

Another proof that the best things in this world are free... :)))

Lenka Suchanek
Vancouver Canada
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