[HNW] Good source for 15th-16th century ethnic embroidery?

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Sat Jan 12 11:45:04 PST 2002

>The first book actually dates many of the patterns given, while both
>justifiably claim that most of the patterns, being folk designs, probably
>date back a gazillion years anyway.  Both books at the very least try to give
>the influences on the patterns, i.e. Byzantine, etc.  And they are both
>chock-full of wonderful things to stitch!

Folk designs don't always go back even half a gazillion years.  And the
peasant embroidery designs we see from the 1800's don't necessarily go back
even as far as the 1700's (some do, many don't).  Don't mistakenly do
Victorian thinking it's Renaissance.

I recommend you look at some other Dover books which show Renaissance
versions of what ethnic people are wearing.  Dover's reprint of Vecellio's
costume book (early 1600's?) shows some ethnic garments, as does their
reprint of Weiditz's costume book (1529).

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