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Mine has found a box of yarn used for a children's event.  She is bringing a
skein downstairs every day.  This has been going on for 5 or 6 days now.

Also, unpins seams so you must sew immediately or hide the work.  Pins have
to be kept inside containers, no pin cushions here.  And oh, your favorite
needle. (yes, I do get attached to the feel of one). Have to keep those
hidden too.  She steals them.

My only resolution is to finish My Bess of Hardwick smock.  Been working on
it for 2 years now.  Approximately 600 repetitions of the same pattern.
Sleeves are solid blackwork.  2/3's of the way done

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He can smell it.  Put it inside something that will seal off the smell (like
those plastic storage boxes with tight fitting lids you see at Jo-Ann's)
and up in a cupboard.  It's better if he doesn't get a hold of it.

Toluca Lake, CA

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| house.

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