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The pattern is a geometric.  I worked it out from the portrait.  If you have
a copy of the Hardwick Hall Textiles, it is the portrait on page 8.  I am not
however doing the little flower that is in the center of the pattern.
(started with a 2x3 copy of the portrait and couldn't tell what it was). I am
doing it in black.  I am going to do a square neck so it can be worn with a
partlet also.
Hope to finish in time to wear to a friends wedding in May, but I doubt it.
Have war sewing to do for the next couple of months.
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Oooh...that sounds like _my_ Italian smock....I'm doing blackwork in
stripes (about 60 repeats per stripe), with a rough total of 1200 or so
repeats total for sleeves and body.  I'm using a 16th century pattern I
found in _Piecework_ a few years ago.  It takes me about 2 months to do
a stripe, so I've been working on it a LONG time (have the sleeves done,
and am working on the first of the two body pieces).  Sometimes I get
really, really tired of doing the same thing over and over, but it'll
sure look spiff when it's done.
What pattern are you using? is it linear like mine? or are you doing one
of those wonderful flowers/leaves things, with all the filling patterns?

Elspet wrote:

> My only resolution is to finish My Bess of Hardwick smock.  Been working on
> it for 2 years now.  Approximately 600 repetitions of the same pattern.
> Sleeves are solid blackwork.  2/3's of the way done
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