[HNW] hand-knitting stockings

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Tue Jan 1 14:44:42 PST 2002

> Are you
>> sure 12-20 st/inch is the right gauge for hand knit stockings?
>That is certainly in the ball park for medieval/Ren time period surviving
>stockings of silk. The few bits of soldiers/working class stuff that
>survives is quite a bit coarser and of wool, an example is the Gunnister
>grave finds from Shetland, circa 1680, the stockings are knit 7.5 stitches
>to the inch, with the foot long gone, tattered and patched.  Much Medieval
>and Renassaince work was incredibly fine.

Good, because I'm not doing Renaissance.  I'm doing 1850's-60's.  got any
figures on that period anyone?

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