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Tue Jan 1 18:16:16 PST 2002

Kayta, If you have a picture of the design that you want to embroider on your
petticoat, I would be happy to take a look at it and see if I could digitize
it for you.  I've been digitizing for commercial use for a couple of years
now.  Wouldn't call myself a professional, I just do enough to help support
my 'addictions' (sewing and needlework).  I am constantly exploring new ways
of using the computer/sewing machine link.  Hand work is still my first love,
but I learned years ago when children were small that I am not very
'speedy'--They frequently outgrew what I was working on long before I could
finish making it.  That and an aversion to repetition, meant that I had many
more unfinished projects that finished ones.  My last big project was a
burnoose for my niece--to be used as an evening wrap.  Saw a photo of one
that is on display at the Hermitage Museum and loved the embroidery.  The pic
was in black and white--I couldn't even tell from the pic exactly what kind
of embroidery it was--but I loved the design, so I felt free to do my own
interpretation.  I drew and sized the design I wanted in Corel, then
digitized it.  The full design was about 7-8" wide and 36" long embroidered
down both sides of the front opening.  I then reduced the size of the design
and embroidered that around the edge of an attached hood.  This was mostly a
floral design, and when digitizing I deleted most of the larger blossoms and
just marked their placement with an outline stitch to be sewn in a color to
match the fabric I was working on.  After completing the machine embroidery
on one section, I began on the second, and while it was sewing on the
machine, I was filling the marked empty spaces on the first section with hand
embroidered silk ribbon flowers and beads and pearls.  The pearls and many of
the beads that I used were taken from necklaces that had belonged to my
grandmother and aunt (two very special ladies that my children and their
cousins never knew).

My next 'study' (and I use the term lightly, especially on this list!) is
trying to replicate needlelace (particularly Carrickmacross) on the
embroidery machine--DD is engaged and I want to make her wedding gown and
would like to make my own lace to put on it.  For the reasons stated above I
don't dare try to make it completely by hand--I'd never live long enough to
finish the gown, let alone see grandchildren.  I need the grandchildren to
provide me with the impetus to finish some of those unfinished projects left
lying around since my children were small.<g>

Anyway, if you would like me to look at your design, let me know--all I need
is a .bmp, .jpg, or .tif image and the size you would like each repeat of the
design to be.

Julie Marshall

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