[HNW] embroidery machines

Diane Sawyer tasha_medvedeva at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 1 19:02:52 PST 2002

--- Carolyn Kayta Barrows <kayta at frys.com> wrote:
> I think it did come with lessons as an option.  But
> she's not much of a
> sewer/costumer.  She just wanted it (a) for a cool
> toy, and (b) to do
> embroidery from those disks.  But once someone
> figures out how to use it,
> then shows her how, she may end up doing something
> more creative with it.
> Kayta


That's what the lessons are *for*, to teach you to
embroider from those disks without breaking a $5000
piece of equipment.  People already have figured out
how to use her machine, and will be happy to show
her... they're called "teachers".  Sheesh.  Wish I had
her toys.

who'd still have a serger shaped doorstop if she
hadn't taken lessons.

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