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My mother had a cat that swallowed a needle - and she hadn't double knotted
it, so when she pulled on the string hanging out of the cat's mouth, all she
got was the thread. The needle lodged in the cat's throat. Took surgery to
remove it. The cat was named M.E.N.E.G - Mouse Eating Needle Eating Grey.
She taught me to count my pins while sewing. :)

Just yesterday I pulled 2/3rds of a length of ribbon from one of my cats'
mouth...talk about scary!

(who now has *3* cats, and STILL no sewing room!)

>Yes, it can be dangerous. We were extremely lucky when my one of my over 1
>year old kitties swallowed a needle and thread. The vet had us fed him
>Vaseline and it passed thru his system without any damage. The vet said
>there were cases of having to do surgery.
>Take care of your little furry ones, as they aren't bright enough at times
>to take care of themselves.
>And people wonder why I don't have kids!
>Mistress Bunny
>mother of 5 furry ones - just lost one.
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>| 5.  Oh, and hide all of my embroidery and sewing supplies from the
>| cats....I woke up this a.m. to find myself completely wrapped in several
>| dollars' worth of linen thread--all over me, the bed, the
>| bedroom....thanks to the kitten, probably...
>Just a word of caution about string, etc. and cats.  If they start chewing
>and swallowing ait nd can't stop and pull it out (they can't) they will
>ingest the whole thing and it could cause serious problems.  A good impetus
>idea for keeping it all put away.  Needles also.  My beloved cat once
>inadvertenly got one caught in her mouth because she was playing with the
>floss it was attacahed to and started swallowing and couldn't stop.
>my daughter was around to rush her to the emergency room or we would have
>lost her.  I now use one of those magnet wands and carefully check the area
>around where I stitch to be sure nothing gets by me.
>Your darned blackwork shirt sounds wonderful.
>Happy New Year all!
>Toluca Lake, CA

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