Fwd: [HNW] new year's costume resolutions

Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
Tue Jan 1 21:55:16 PST 2002

Oh, that one....I wondered if that wasn't the one...I've always like it,
and someday want to do it, too.  I don't have the Hardwick Textiles
book, but the portrait does make an appearance in my Ashelford book....
I've also "tested" the Holbein pattern on Kirrily's website...I want to
do it for the partlet that's part of my outfit for my final project for
Drea's class....

Kirrily Robert wrote:
> Elspet wrote:
> > The pattern is a geometric.  I worked it out from the portrait.  If you have
> > a copy of the Hardwick Hall Textiles, it is the portrait on page 8.  I am not
> > however doing the little flower that is in the center of the pattern.
> > (started with a 2x3 copy of the portrait and couldn't tell what it was). I am
> > doing it in black.  I am going to do a square neck so it can be worn with a
> > partlet also.
> I've charted it too, and it's online at
> http://infotrope.net/sca/textiles/embroidery/blackwork-sources/
> Yours,
> Katherine

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