[HNW] What do I use???

Carol Knight carol.knight at chsys.org
Thu Jan 3 10:25:25 PST 2002

I am about to embark on the Great Henry VIII-style Outfit Project.
I have 10 yards of blue velveteen
I have 10 yards of black velvet
I have large spools of various size gold cords and threads.
I have patterns-the Period Pattern one (that will need enlarging-it has to
go up to a size 52/54 from a 48)
But, I am in a quandary as to how to do all this embroidery/couching...
I will be dealing with LARGE amounts of fabric, that has a nap.
I will be doing rows of couching and embroidery on a doublet, jerkin,
sleeves and the great coat hem and sleeves. Simple, geometric and curving
patterns, thank goodness, but with beads, too. Most likely Garnet and gold

How, in a house with a very active 5 month-old Siamese....

What kind of frame do I use? Should I even use a frame? If I don't, how do I
stretch the fabric to keep it on grain?
I have very limited work space, so I can not use a very large frame.
How do I go about working the pattern pieces?
Should I cut them out first or do a  chalk outline and a 'block cut'?
This is the first time I have done a project this big....I can do it, but I
just need to figure out the logistics.

I also have a needlepushing problem. I have tried thimbles, but those metal
ones just feel ackward and they don't 'push right' for me. I know I need
something, because the last project, I managed to draw blood with the eye
end of the needle!
Has anyone tried those leather thimbles that they sell for quilters?



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