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       Lots of questions but I can probably help with a few.  But here goes
from my personal experience.  If I am embroidering on garments or pillows or
slipcovers, I cut the pattern out just about an inch larger and not in detail
-- just so I know I have enough fabric to shrink up a bit and still cut out
the exact pattern which I have marked on the fabric.  (I think you meant that
when you suggested a chalk outline and a block cut.) That way you are working
with a much smaller piece.  Some people make up the garment without the
lining and embroider that, but to me that is still too much fabric to fool
with unless the embroidery pattern crosses over onto another garment pattern
piece.  Then you just about have to put that much together.  If you are doing
a lot of embroidery you will probably shrink the fabric a bit -- specially if
you don't use a frame.  Someone else will have to answer that one as I don't
even try to use a frame with velvet or velveteen.  Possibly you could stitch
it to muslin and put the muslin in the frame so you don't permanently squash
the nap of the velveteen, but it would have to be a sizeable frame.  I also
know that working with thread, yarn, floss or anything that moves with a
kitten in the house is a nightmare.  You either banish the kitten to another
room or you wait until it is fast asleep and hope it stays that way.  That is
my method, but I have had way too many fights over my thread to recommend the
sleeping method.  Oh yes, I haven't tried the leather thimble either, but the
neat little stick on thimble patches they sell in the quilt department are
wonderful (and the cats don't hide them from me).  Mostly, I just try not to
get blood on the piece I am working with.  One trick there is to make sure
the eye of your needle is as wide as the thread going through it.  If the
thread is too thick, the needle will go through the fabric until it gets to
the thread and then it balks and you bleed.  If the needle is larger than the
thickness of thread it will punch a hole large enough for the thread to slide

       OK, that is about all the confusing I can do for now.  Good luck with
old Henry.

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