[HNW] What do I use???

Lynn Downward LDownward at chori.org
Thu Jan 3 11:46:37 PST 2002

Good luck on your exciting project.  He'll look wonderful!

I hate metal thimbles!  My fingers get sweaty, the needle slides off
them, they never fit right.  I've been using the leather thimbles for
about five years now and I think they're great.  I use it on my
middle finger which is not where I was first taught to use it; it
just made more sense.  You can't use the quilters' thimble on leather
work, of course, but I've never had a problem with any other
material.  Velveteen seems thick, but a sharp needle runs right
through the cotton of the velveteen like butter.

I've gotten fussier in my dotage with my needles for handwork.  I've
taken to milliners' needles for every type of hand sewing I do.
They're thin, sharp and will bend readily without snapping, and I
find that the bend I get (sometimes on purpose when working on things
like buckram) is quite helpful when doing decorative stitches.  The
English call milliners' needles straws, and John James makes them.
They should be available all over, maybe even JoAnn Fabrics.

Enjoy your project,

>I am about to embark on the Great Henry VIII-style Outfit Project.
>I have 10 yards of blue velveteen
>I have 10 yards of black velvet
>I have large spools of various size gold cords and threads.
>I have patterns-the Period Pattern one (that will need enlarging-it has to
>go up to a size 52/54 from a 48)
>But, I am in a quandary as to how to do all this embroidery/couching...
>I will be dealing with LARGE amounts of fabric, that has a nap.
>I will be doing rows of couching and embroidery on a doublet, jerkin,
>sleeves and the great coat hem and sleeves. Simple, geometric and curving
>patterns, thank goodness, but with beads, too. Most likely Garnet and gold
>How, in a house with a very active 5 month-old Siamese....
>What kind of frame do I use? Should I even use a frame? If I don't, how do I
>stretch the fabric to keep it on grain?
>I have very limited work space, so I can not use a very large frame.
>How do I go about working the pattern pieces?
>Should I cut them out first or do a  chalk outline and a 'block cut'?
>This is the first time I have done a project this big....I can do it, but I
>just need to figure out the logistics.
>I also have a needlepushing problem. I have tried thimbles, but those metal
>ones just feel ackward and they don't 'push right' for me. I know I need
>something, because the last project, I managed to draw blood with the eye
>end of the needle!
>Has anyone tried those leather thimbles that they sell for quilters?
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