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I have the following in my collection.
Coupon Cookery by "Penny Prudence" published in 1943

Cheese recipes for wartime meals published by Kraft in 1943
Look who's cookin': A Wartime Cooking Course for Young America published in
1943 by the Southern California Gas Company.
Food for Health and Victory: Balanced Meatless Menus and Recipes - no date
but refers the "present war emergency." Published by the Seventh Day

That's what I've found in my fifteen or so years of casual cookbook
collecting - I have a special interest in WWII items but I don't come across
them too often.  Another good source is Ladies Home Journal - I also have a
few of those in my collection.

If you'd like me to send you sample recipes or other information about this
material, please feel free to contact me off list.


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Anyone have a good source for WWII (and I) recipes used to cope with
food rationing? The web search gives me dates, what was rationed, etc
but very few recipes. So far I haven't worked up to the day in the
library doing archival newspaper searches.

Thanks in advance. Please reply privately. Dorothy

dotlou at ix.netcom.com

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