[HNW] Re: Welsh Favors

annora lisleong at k12.hi.us
Fri Jan 4 14:14:12 PST 2002

On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, Laura C. Minnick wrote:
> She's on her own, as there really is no such thing. SCA favors are an
> SCA construct- favors in period are conjectural, and nothing like what
> we have and use.

	I don't remember which list it was on but recently there was a
thread on the book The Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots.  So I had my
copy out and chanced upon the following on p. 29:

	"There is also payment to the embroiderer for a favour of white
silk, a gift from Mary to the Dauphin, with a fanciful border of fifes and
the 'devices' of Mary and Francis."

	I have always been under the impression that favors, per se,
(i.e., something specifically made as a favor and not a glove, ring, etc.)
were, as 'Lainie says, SCA constructs.  What to make of the above quote?
Could it have been a scarf or a handkerchief?


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