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Fri Jan 4 15:21:20 PST 2002

h-needlework at ansteorra.org wrote:
> I have one of the 12" size slate frames that Linn talks about.  I
Linn, how do you hold your slate frame when you work on it?

I use something called Trestles (sort of a fancy adjustable set of sawhorses) that I learned to use at the RSN.  I bought mine from a shop in Canada - they are not as sturdy as the RSN sort and I may make a set of my own one of these days.  Another good prop is an ironing board because you can adjust the height and then put a couple of bricks on the top of the frame.  I know folks who simply C-clamp them to furniture and a Lowry frame is not bad to hold them either.

Now - what have you been stitching on that frame????



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