[HNW] Re: Welsh Favors

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Fri Jan 4 21:50:05 PST 2002

>	I have always been under the impression that favors, per se,
>(i.e., something specifically made as a favor and not a glove, ring, etc.)
>were, as 'Lainie says, SCA constructs.

I don't like the non-period cluttered look of all those fiddly bits hanging
off a bodice or doublet.  I'm early German Ren. and put those things on my
'pizza' hat (the Germans/Flemmish put the most amazing things on their hats).

On the other hand, I once needed a favour on no notice (I 'purchased' a
beginner fighter at an SCA fundraising auction in Australia), and gave the
gentleman a scrap of fabric, promising to replace it with something nicer
in future.  So I got a pair of gloves, embroidered and pearled the cuffs,
and sent him the right-hand one.  Said 'kid' later became a formidable, and
titled, SCA fighter in Australia.  I still have the left-hand glove.

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