[HNW] What do I use???

Vicki Eldredge maedbsew at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 6 09:03:46 PST 2002

>How, in a house with a very active 5 month-old Siamese....

I am sure you will have great answers to all the other questions (I'll be
reading those alongside you - what a project!). Anyway, please please please
remember to never leave your threaded needle in your project out in the
open. Not even to quickly go answer your phone. Especially then! Cats have
such a wonderful tendency to wait until you leave to go play with what
you've forbidden them to touch. And if the thread gets into their mouth,
they can only continue to swallow - and take the needle right along with
them. I've had several friends experience this tragedy, and one of them lost
their cat when the needle pierced the stomach. Please don't take the chance.

And now, on to the good stuff!!!


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