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Sun Jan 6 13:52:03 PST 2002

Kayta wrote:

"On the other hand, I once needed a favour on no notice (I 'purchased' a
beginner fighter at an SCA fundraising auction in Australia), and gave the
gentleman a scrap of fabric, promising to replace it with something nicer in
future.  So I got a pair of gloves, embroidered and pearled the cuffs, and sent
him the right-hand one.  Said 'kid' later became a formidable, and titled, SCA
fighter in Australia.  I still have the left-hand glove."

This is along the lines of what I was thinking about 'favours'.  There is
certainly evidence for the practice of Elizabethan gentlemen wearing a lady's
glove pinned to their hat as a favour, or a piece of their jewellery etc.  There
is a somewhat allegorical portrait of a gent I have seen (he is stripped to the
waist in water, with a ship burning in the background - I can check the details
in my books at home) and he has a lady's kerchief or scarfe (or similar) tied
around his arm as a 'favour'.  This kind of thing seems to have been the
practice, an existing item given as a token, but the idea of making a small
'dangly' to wear on a belt seems to be an SCA construct if we are talking about
this later period anyway (earlier is not my area of expertise).

Sydney, Australia
(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari)

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