[HNW] Exciting News!!!!

Penny Ladnier penny at costumegallery.com
Thu Jan 10 00:49:25 PST 2002

Hello Everyone,

Some VERY exciting things are about to happen in the next couple of weeks.
So I am going to jump right into it and let you know....  My BIG BREAK is
about to happen!!!!! (so sorry to those who receive this several times)

A reporter, Francine Parnes, from the Associated Press interviewed me last
week about historic fashions for an article. The AP article is going out to
the news media
worldwide on Jan. 21.  The article will be on their website at first and to
all their affiliates websites.  I thought I would give you a little info on
how many news media will receive
the article through the AP:

"The AP is the backbone of the world's information system. In the United
States alone, AP serves 5,000 radio and television stations and 1,700
newspapers. Add to that the 8,500 newspaper, radio and television
subscribers in 121 countries overseas, and you'll have some idea of AP's
reach."  from the AP website

The reporter sent the final draft to the editor Tuesday night.  The editor
the one who decides what the title of the article will be.  The reporter
told me she will not know what the title will be until it is on the AP
website.  It will immediately go out to the AP subscribing websites on the
21st.  The newspapers, TV, and radio will decide when to run the story from
there... like our newspaper runs fashion stories on Thursdays, so I really
don't expect to see it until then.

They will have in the article me referred to as: Penny E. Dunlap Ladnier,
owner of www.costumegallery.com .  This means a LOT of people will be going
to my website.  YEA!!!  The interview was very in-depth.  The article is
about World War 2 ladies fashions.  I also gave them some quotes from Jennie
Chancey, because she has come out with a new pattern of a 1942 swing dress.
So I hope her quotes are in the article too.   If you want to check and see
if your local newspaper is a subscriber to the AP, go to http://wire.ap.org/

Now I am asking you all a BIG favor.  Please write your local newspaper and
ask the
fashion editor to run the article.  Just tell them that the article will be
on the AP on Jan. 21 and it is about World War 2 ladies' fashions and is
written by the reporter Francine Parnes.  If they run the article in your
paper, please save for me the entire page from the newspaper.  I want to see
how many newspapers run the article and make a scrapbook.  If you see or
hear anything about it on TV or on the radio, please let me know about that

Those who know me, know my favorite quote... "I am scared one morning, that
I will wake up, turn on the TV... and Good Morning America or the Today Show
will be talking about something on my website.  Then I scream..... I am not
have my website prepared."  I have time to prepare.  Susan, my asst., and I
are getting the site prepared.   We have some new things that we have been
working on for months, that will be showing up on the site.  Jennie and
Marna Jean are helping get three whole new photograph areas up and running.
We are working hard to make sure everything works on the site.

Thank you to each of you who have road this crazy roller for so many years.
If it weren't for  all of you, I would have never had the inspiration to
have come this far.  It has been fun, exciting, and sometimes scary.  But I
thank God that he/she gave me supportive friends and family like you. Thank
you from the bottom of my heart.

So cross your fingers and lets see where we go from here...

Penny Ladnier
Owner, The Costume Gallery & Costume Classroom

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