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Claudia Dutcher of Dutch Treat is a specialist in those designs for paper
and collects the paper stitching as well.

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> Dear List:
> Does anyone have access to or advice for tracking down a vintage/Victorian
> chart for "Home Sweet Home"??  I want to eventually embroider one to hang
> on the wall of our Victorian home, and might even attempt it in perforated
> paper.
> I haven't seen anything like this in the Weldon reprints (by Interview
> Press) or the couple of facimile needlework books I hvae, so I wonder if
> it's just a modern 20th century idea, or was it really done in the 19th
> century? If it's modern, I'll forget it. (I certainly have enough other
> projects for hanging on the wall)
> Thank you.
> --Kathryn
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