[HNW] Re: [h-cost] 12th-century garb

Chris Laning claning at igc.org
Fri Jan 11 19:51:13 PST 2002

At 11:04 AM -0800 1/11/02, Heather Rose Jones wrote:
>- alb associated with St. Hugo (Schmedding 1978 #289)

It's at the Carthusian abbey of La Valsainte in Switzerland,
according to Schmedding.

>Schmedding 1978 (this is the book on relics in Switzerland, but I
>don't have the full reference handy at the moment)

_Mittelalterliche Textilien in Kirchen und Kl{o:}stern der Schweiz_,
by Brigitta Schmedding, Schriften der Abegg-Stiftung Bern, 1978; ISBN
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