[HNW] frame

Leif Drews drewscph at post12.tele.dk
Fri Jan 18 12:38:27 PST 2002

Dear list.
Finally i got the frame i have ben talking so much about. I have mounted
it together, it is one that has a tiltframe so that i can sit in the
sofa and embroider.
Now i have ben bad because i didnt payed attention to those posts about
how to dress the frame.
It has two bars with canvas on.
I suppose i just sew my silkmaterial to the canvas in both sites yes?
Then there are holes in the blocks to the other directions. Should i
stretch my fabric and use those holes also?
Is there something i should sew betwen my canvas and the silk? It is
silk taffeta i am going to embroider.
Thanks for any help



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