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Hi Lalah.
Thanks a lot. You are right, it is nice to lie in the sofa to embroider,
but you know my embroidery is a whole jacket included gold work, so i
simply has to use the frame to get a good result. But i  can tilt the
frame to my height where i sit, so it wold be quite comfortable i think.
Thanks Lalah

LalahTT at aol.com wrote:

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>Bjarne, If you are using silk fabric it would be a really good idea to
>strengthen the outside edges by stitching on some muslin or other firm fabric
>-- then you can stitch through both fabrics to attach it to the canvas.  And
>you will want to lace the sides to the sides of your frame or the whole thing
>will sort of draw up and get out of shape.  I hope you enjoy using yours.  I
>got one, but find that I am too lazy to want to sit up nice and straight and
>work on embroidery, so I went back to using the hoops and lounging back in
>the chair with my feet up on a footstool.  You are used to sitting properly
>doing your lace, so it will probably work beautifully for you.  The only
>trick to remember is that the fabric needs to be tight with the same amount
>of pull on the sides as the top and bottom.  Hope that makes some kind of
>sense.  I love embroidery, but find the hoops work better for me.  Enjoy your
>new toy.
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