[HNW] looking for Anahita ...

SNSpies@aol.com SNSpies at aol.com
Fri Jan 18 21:31:33 PST 2002

<< I'm currently still struggling with the rest of the warp that's
 supposed to be my first-ever piece of cardweaving.... so I can get it
 off the loom and go on to something easier!!! <grrrrrrr> <g> Of
 course what I needed first was in fuzzy wool. Duh. I finally got a
 beater for it, which should help!

I realize that this message was probably meant just for me, but let me be so
teacher-like as to give Chris a little hug, tell her it will get better, and
NEVER but NEVER use fuzzy wool for tablet weaving.  Oh dear.

<< Tangwystyl and I have been exploring fingerloop braiding on a couple
 of recent Apprentice Days. We've demonstrated her hypothesis that it
 comes out MUCH finer and tighter and more even if you have one person
 braiding and the person at the other end applying a "beater" between
 crossings. The difference is really astonishing! She has a nice heavy
 bronze letter opener that is perfect for the job. >>

There are several medieval pictures of women doing fingerloop braiding, and
in all (both?) of them, yes, there is someone holding the finished braid and
a beater.  I'll bet it improves the eveness of the braiding, too, yes?


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