[HNW] Re: History of Hardanger

Mary Edenfield ladymari at cybertrails.com
Mon Jan 21 19:04:16 PST 2002

> I'm mentioning this because we recently had this discussion in the
> West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild (SCA) and decided to drop Hardanger
> from our Guild's list of pre-1600 styles. We get a lot of questions
> about it, because in the needlework world at large it's very popular
> right now. But our conclusion was that unless someone comes up with
> more evidence, we really can't justify it as a historical embroidery
> style in our time period.

Have you ever researched it in Greece?? I remember a few years ago looking
at a magazine, {oh dear, which one, Smithsonian,? National Geographic? some
needlework rag? Something else???} and seeing a picture of some heirloom
table linens from Greece worked in what looked like Hardanger.....

Mairi, Atenveldt
Mary, Arizona

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