[HNW] Re: History of Hardanger

Mary M. Riedel mmriedel at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 22 06:11:29 PST 2002

Elizabeth said:

Regarding the style of  pre-1600 Hardanger not being exactly as it
now appears - shouldn't we consider adaptation and evolution of the
technique a possibility?  Certainly the cross, and other stitches,
evolved and were adapted and changed by various cultures.  When I
once catalogued some very old Spanish samplers, I was struck by the
similarity of the geometric use of satin stitch to Hardanger.  The
only difference being, in many cases, no open areas.

Those were my thoughts exactly.  What they're saying is that the precursor
is from that area, certainly not the final product as we know it today.
That would have been modified by different cultures along the way, certainly
more than one or two.  We can't say hardanger, per se, existed, but it's
precursor did.


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