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> I was wondering if anyone has taken the "Luck of the Irish" class that is
> being offered to EGA members via Needle Arts? Would it help me learn about
> SCA-period needlework?

Yes, I took it.  This is the Michele Roberts class, and I found it fascinating.  Yes, the techniques she teaches are dateable to SCA-period.  The padded goldwork she teaches can be seen on things like  English seal bags and herald's tabards of the 16th c. This class uses the hollow metal threads, something like beads.

> I am mainly a counted thread person (and a new EGA member in a pretty new EGA
> group of *obsessive* counted thread people). Right now I'm torn between
> wanting to branch out and signing up for the Master Craftsman program in
> counted thread.  :)

Why not do both?  I'm half-way through the counted thread Master Craftsman program (it has taken several years to get this far) -- I've designed my Step 4 pulledwork to be a Pictish-style celtic cross set in a typical 7th - 8th c. Insular cross-carpet page, with Pictish elements. The technique is not datable to that context (yes it is SCA period but much later), but I'm having fun with the design.  And this is a modern certification, after all, not an SCA one.

Have fun whichever you decide!
Melinda Sherbring  (aka Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid)

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