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> O.K.  I'll open myself up for slash and burn criticism here by leaping
blindly into this discussion.

Well said Kim.  Hardanger IMHO is nothing more than "embroidery" but that's what I call everything stitched with a needle - from any culture.

In the 19th century we did tend to try to codify and give names to types of regional embroidery or types of materials or rough classifications of techniques or motifs - hence Blackwork, Redwork, Assisi Work, Plush Work, CanvasWork, Straw Work, Turkish Embroidery, Cyprus Embroidery, Ayrshire Work, Dresden Work, Hardanger, and so on ad nauseaum

The designs favored by the Hardanger area stitchers can often be found in 16th century design books as can a different set of 16th century design book motifs which were favored by the folks who lived in the Telemarken area.  I can tell my great great grandmother's work on linens because she had 6 or 7 motifs and 3 techniques she invariably used as did other women who belonged to her country church so add Rose Valley Church Work to your list of styles....

My main interest in embroidery history is watching these motifs move from culture or cultures using common sources and developing their own style of usage.  I do believe with the satin (straight)stitch motifs interspersed with removed threads and infillings - the many cultures who use or used them probably had a group of common source material and that source material may be the very early design books.

Just a working hypothesis


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