[HNW] HIstory of Hardanger

skinner02@sprynet.com skinner02 at sprynet.com
Wed Jan 23 14:14:15 PST 2002

h-needlework at ansteorra.org wrote:
>Telemarken area assembled these stitches into patterns in the 1800's, into
what we now call Hardanger work.  And the other, and perhaps more
important, is that if you do 1800's-style Hardanger, it will look like
1800's-style Hardanger, not anything pre-1600.  OTOH, if you want to use

I'm a little confused - are you proposing that embroidery from the area of Telemarken was the inspiration for modern embroidery from the Hardanger region?

I find the motifs quite different in the two regions when I look at examples, but I've not really looked at all the literature - perhaps you could point me to a good source.


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