[HNW] History of Hardanger

Robin Berry rlberry at coastside.net
Fri Jan 25 15:09:29 PST 2002

>  How could
>I obtain a copy of the two lists?

Kingdom of the West Needleworkers Guild
Website: http://www.bayrose.org/wkneedle/
Email List & Files: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WKneedle/

please be aware that our list is for questions and to obtain
information.  we try and keep the volume low since some members get
this at work so it is not a chat list per se.  the files attached to
the list and the photos are neat and the website has lots of info.
we haven't changed the info on either to reflect the Hardanger remove
which is as of 12th Night 2002 - yet but it is in the work.

In Service,

Sabrina de la Bere
Minister, Kingdom of the West Needleworkers Guild

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