[HNW] Ducerceau, Paul Androuet

Jacquie Samples jacquie-samples at uiowa.edu
Thu Jan 31 06:30:54 PST 2002

Hi Bjarne,
I think it might depend on the library, but in general, librarians are
willing and eager to have patrons use the materials in the library
collection.  If it is in a special colletion or rare book room of the
library in question, you may be required to use the book under certain
conditions, such as wearing gloves, no photocopying, etc.  I think that the
next step for you would be to contact a librarian at the library you want
to visit and make sure what the policy is.

I work at the University of Iowa Libraries here in Iowa City, IA, and am
attending graduate school to get my degree in Library Science, and so am
somewhat familiar with general policies libraries have concerning usage.

Good luck getting the drawings you want!

Jacquie Samples

At 08:18 AM 1/31/2002, you wrote:
>Hello needleworkers :-)
>I would like to ask you before i ask the library. I have found the title
>of an old embroidery book:
>Durcerceau, Paul Androuet "Ornaments et Fleurs pour la Broderie par P.
>Androuet Du Cerceau A Paris Chez N. Langlois 1670
>It is a book that i know the library has.
>Am i allowed to study this book at the library? Do you think they would
>permision me to sit and make some drawings from the book?
>I am very interrested in this.
>There also are some danish books i know they have from 18th. century,
>that i would like to study.
>Does every one have the right to se them? or is it only people who makes
>books or something?
>I have the titles from a small book the museum has made about old
>patterns books.
>Thanks if you could enlighten me!!
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