[HNW] Fine sewing needles

Joy Shillaker joy at jonandjoy.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Sep 1 01:48:53 PDT 2002

Hi can anyone help me please. I'm trying to copy  a 17th century layette.
The handstitching is 30 or so sts to the inch on 75 to the inch count linen.
I've found I can just about manage this with a size 12 patchwork needle.
Does anyone know of any finer needles?

And a lace query, has anyone come across lace which has felted? The lace
I've been examining lately was so densely worked that it looked like minute
cutwork and the threads were only discernable with my linen counter. The
fibres looked as if they were matted together.

Any help at all would be appreciated.

thanks a lot


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