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><<Would they have published the same book under two different names? >>
>The American publisher chose to publish Tina's book under a different
>title (she wasn't happy with that, either.)

This often happens because books are published in 'regions' and a copyright
agreement covers a particular region but not others.  Europe is generally
one region and North America another, which is why you often see in
American books, a 'not to be sold outside the USA' restriction.  Often a
book cannot be published by the same publisher in two different regions, so
the initial publisher sells the rights to another publisher, who needs to
alter the title for copyright reasons.  Sometimes, too the edition will be
different - e.g. an American edition will need to be reprinted with US
spellings, so the difference of title distinguishes the edition.  It isn't
necessarily the publishers just being awkward for the sake of it (although
it can be).

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