[HNW] Re: Blackwork costuming and a dutch 'relative'

johan Terlouw ianruadh at zonnet.nl
Wed Sep 4 03:43:42 PDT 2002

> This link was sent to another list I am on and I am reposting it
> for you all to drool over!
> http://embroidery.embroiderersguild.com/2002-5/muntus.htm
> Rachel

Dear Rachel,
the reposted website made my eyes light up like a cashregister. I just
don't want to know how much time went into this project. Under the
photograph you can read that it took three years, but the hours have
not been stated.
It funny to note that certain ways of putting on garments haven't
changed since the days of the great Queen Bess. A number of years ago I
made an embroidery for an aquaintance of mine who had obtained a
costume from the island of Marken. The embroidery had to be made with
white thread on white cloth and was eventually turnd into a collar like
garment. The way in which this garment was put on hase a great
resemblens with the piece from the time of Queen Bess.

Yours sincerely:

Johan Terlouw

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