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Wed Sep 4 09:01:50 PDT 2002

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The question of early cross-stitch often comes up.  While rummaging for something else, I ran across a reference and B&W plate of a small carpet (table carpet?) from 1533.  Wool cross stitch on linen ground. Strapwork and coats of arms and borders found in early German pattern books.  Made in memory of Alexander Stokar-Tschachtlan (d. 1519) The family is from the Schaffhausen area (from where many of my ancestors began their migration to the US) and is presently in the Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, Zurich.

"Needlework, an Illustrated History" Harriet Bridgeman and Elizabeth Drury Eds. ISBN:  0 448 22066 0

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