[HNW] Odd request--artist needed

Lady Mor lady_gawain at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 8 17:05:49 PDT 2002

I am looking for someone who can draw some stitch
diagrams for me.  I attempting to write a Compleat
Anachronist (could a Scadian explain for the
non-SCAers for me?).  I have various photocopies from
books, handouts, and web istes, but want clear,
cohesive drawings.  I will give more details to
interested parties.  I am on a fixed income, so I am
hoping that the artist will accept having their name
list as artist in the C.A. for payment.  Thanks in advance.

Lady Courtier Morgaine de Glastonbury
Apprentice to Baron Master Julian Farnsworth
Barony of Aquaterra
Kingdom of An Tir
lady_gawain at yahoo.com

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