[HNW] Victorian knitting books

Mike Newell 72123.411 at compuserve.com
Mon Sep 9 11:00:32 PDT 2002

Dear List:

Does anyone own these two books, or have they seen in person?

"The Pruden Knitting Diary " by Sandy Terp, $19.95 (80 pages)
A collection of 28 vintage lace edging patterns is based on the 19th
century knitting diary of Miss Eugene Pruden. The author has reworked and
charted all the patterns. Included are copies of the original instructions
and samples. Dates, original sources and the beautiful lace edgings combine
to make a charming book."

"Victorian Knitting Patterns and Techniques: Vl. 1: Patterns from  Miss
Lambert's Handbook of Knitting, 1842. $14.99
Our book contains 27 of her knitting patterns. It is printed in large type
with many illustrations and includes a small glossary of period  knitting
terminology... it does not 'translate' the patterns for modern readers, but
gives notes about construction, needle size, yarn type suggestions, and
other information that the modern reader will find useful"

I'd appreciate any input.

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"

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