[HNW] Gold Thread for Plaited Braid Stitch

Eowyn Amberdrake eowyna at sca-caid.org
Mon Sep 9 12:58:02 PDT 2002


I am working on an Elizabethan-style sweet bag. The stems
are done in gold plaited braid stitch.

I have had a recommendation to use Benton and Johnson's
gold thread as being very good for use doing the plaited
braid stitch.  The width of the stitch will be about 1/4",
as it is to be used for the stems of a coiling stems
design. I understand that this thread is less likely to
separate than japan gold (which is really lousy for doing
plaited braid and ceylon stitch) and, of course, has the
required stiffness and smoothness.

I have several questions to the list:

1) Has anyone else used this thread for this purpose? What
is your experience?

2) I understand it comes in several sizes. What size
thread would you recommend?

3) Does anyone know a supplier? (Linn, do you offer it
through Skinner Sisters?)

Melinda Sherbring,

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