[HNW] household needlework 1500s - English

Robin Berry rlberry at coastside.net
Wed Sep 11 12:30:59 PDT 2002

>Is that the 1938 one from the V&A, with a grey cover?  It contains
>similar stuff to the 1990s "Embroidery 1200-1750" one from the V&A, but
>the more recent one has bigger, clearer colour photographs.

The full title is "Catalogue of English Domestic Embroidery of the
Sixteenth and Seventheenth Centuries".  Yes it was published by the
V&A in 1938 and my cover is red canvas.  The other book "Embroidery
1200-1750" published in the early 1990's and one more recent are very
different books than Nevinson's. His really discusses what was used
and done and is very focuses on time frame.  The others are more
photos and less depth of discussion.

Hope this helps

- Sabrina

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