[HNW] household needlework 1500s - English

annora lisleong at k12.hi.us
Thu Sep 12 01:20:08 PDT 2002

> Has anyone come across a decent (or half decent) book about
> embroidery/needlework on household goods... cushions, carpets, hangings,
> etc. ... in England during the 1500s?  Ideally, I'm looking for
> information/pictures for 1500-1550, but anytime during that century
> would be helpful.

English Domestic Needlework of the XVI, XVII, and XVII Centuries by
Preston Remington.  Short text sections on the items you mention (much
shorter than that in Digby) but some nice pictures.  [Mistress Eowyn, it
has 3 good, clear photos of sweet bags that I've not seen in other

Historical Needlewok by Margaret Swain.  Most of it tends to be the later
1500s but there are chapters on bed valances, bed curtains and hangings,
pictures, chair seats and a carpet, and a few other things.


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